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Tree Services

Tree Services in Lake, McHenry and Cook Counties, Illinois.

Tree Trimming

Comprehensive Tree Services in Northern Illinois

FlowersLER Garden & Tree Care has been helping land owners keep their trees healthy and beautiful since 2004. Our tree experts work in both residential and commercial areas providing tree trimming, tree removal, disease control and other tree services to customers throughout Lake, Cook and McHenry counties in northern Illinois.

We take pride in leaving your property free of debris. In many cases, our customer's property looks better after we leave than it did befor we arrived!

Tree and Shrub Health

Being certified arborists, we have the skills and knowledge required to care for your sick trees or shrubs, nursing them back to health in minimum time. Disease, if left unchecked can kill trees, and it will spread to other trees if not treated in promptly. Common tree diseases we treat include:

  • Apple Scab
  • Hawthorn Rust
  • Anthracnose

Insects can also do great harm or even kill trees if not treated in time. Infestations in this area of the country include:

  • Leaf Miners
  • Sawfly
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Aphids
  • Tent Caterpillars
  • Bagworms

Tree and Shrub Removal

Removing trees or shrubs that are dead or too diseased to save is important to do before surrounding trees or shrubs are infected or before falling tree limbs become a safety hazard. We provide professional stump grinding services so your yard can be fully reclaimed.

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